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[HMD Post]

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Velvet Key app

Player Info:
Nickname: Fel
Age: 28
Personal LJ: lilac_breeze
Method of Contact: Plurk: Here!
Characters Played: None!

Character Info:
Name: MOMO Mizrahi
Age: 15
Canon: Xenosaga
Pull Point: Post canon.

Background Info:
History: Xenosaga Wiki MOMO's page
Personality: Kind and sweet to a fault, MOMO is like a ray of sunshine - a very pink one. She gets along with everyone around her and even manages to make the most stoic and serious people smile after some time in her presence. Always optimistic and cheerful, MOMO is rarely found without a smile on her own face - especially because when she's feeling down, she tends to go off on her own so that she won't make anyone else sad. Her bad moods don't tend to last very long, either; a few kind words and support from one of her many friends will usually do just the trick to help cheer her up.

MOMO knows that she is a Realian, and that many people still don't consider Realians to be equal to humans. Her emotions are no different that a normal human, but when she found out that they were implanted in her and could be turned off with the flip of a switch, it hit her hard. She cares so much for everyone around her, and being alive brings her such joy; the thought that her emotions could just be discarded with so little effort was hard for her to accept - not just for herself, but for her fellow Realians and the prototypes she considers her sisters. It took her a while, but eventually the love and encouragement of her friends helped to convince her that Realian or not, her emotions are very real, and nothing will change that.

When MOMO first met Ziggurat 8, the cyborg man that had been sent to rescue her, she immediately asked him if she could call him by a different and more friendly name - one that didn't sound like a serial number. She dubs him "Ziggy" and the name sticks, even to the other members of the group. MOMO makes friends easily, as someone with such a cheerful and open personality is likely to. She treasures these friendships and wouldn't hesitate to put herself in harm's way if it meant keeping someone else safe.

MOMO wasn't built for combat, but she still fights alongside everyone else, and while she may not be as strong as the more physical members of the party she pulls her own with her ether-based attacks and healing abilities. As she told Ziggy when they first met, "I'm built a lot tougher than I look.", and she quickly proves this by flying their small escape craft to safety and managing to hold her own in battle, even impressing the battle-hardened Ziggy with her abilities. She may look frail and innocent, but she can pack a punch when she needs to, especially if she's protecting someone else.

Game Specific:
Arcana: The Star
Justification: "In the upright position, the Star represents hope, calmness, healing, spiritual love, confidence, and inspiration."
MOMO was created to give others hope - her parents, the hope of a daughter to love and cherish after they lost Sakura, and the world, the hope of a bright new future where Realians are treated as people and can age and grow like a normal human. When Jr.'s fiery temper gets the best of him, MOMO is almost always the only one that can get through to him and help him to regain control. She has many healing abilities and is always ready and willing to help those around her; her love and kindness for all those around her is all the reason she needs.

First Person Sample: This island is so pretty! I know we're trapped here and can't really leave, but... well, at least we're in a nice place. I haven't seen many places like this, and I think we should have fun while we can! Does anyone want to go swimming later, maybe?

Third Person Sample: The dark hour was approaching, and this time MOMO was ready. She had managed to purchase a small bow from someone in the town, and she was determined to be able to defend herself this time. After making a brief call to the residents of the island to tell everyone to be safe, she prepared to take on whatever the island would throw at her.

Without her abilities to connect to the UMN and access information at any time, she felt lost and scared, but she wasn't going to let that stop her. She'd been through worse, after all, and the strength of her friends had always helped her though. Besides, Jr. was here - how could she possibly be scared of anything when he was by her side? Surely, everything would work out fine in the end.
All entries before this point are from MOMO's stay at mayfield_rpg.

Blossom 9

It's really starting to get cold! Everyone, make sure you dress warmly and don't get sick, okay? I help out at the hospital now as a part time job, so I'd be able to tend to anyone that needs it, but it's better if you don't get sick in the first place.

Mayfield is always changing, isn't it? So many people show up every week, and others... well... I know they'll be okay. They have to be.

[There is a pause as she gathers her thoughts and rallies her usual optimism and cheer again.]

Christmas is coming, too! What does everyone want for presents? I wonder if it'll snow soon...?

Blossom 8

[MOMO was given the other vaccine, so while she hasn't contacted the Red Asian Flu, she hasn't exactly been feeling her best. Even so, she's done all she can to make sure her 'family' and friends are taken care of.

She had been resting for the better part of the day when she finally realized something - the house was awfully quiet. She slowly made her way to the living room to check on Simon... and stopped dead when she noticed the photos.

He's... not there. Why isn't he...?

What could have... He can't be, he just can't!

[With a wail of despair, she collapses to the floor, sobbing.]

Blossom 7

So many new people have arrived recently! I hope everyone is settling in well, or at least as well as they can in this place. I'm MOMO, and if anyone has any questions or needs help with anything, please let me know! I'll do my best to help however I can.

Ah... I don't think anyone here has any vehicles, but if you do, please be careful. My good friend Cornelius was recently hit by a car, and while I'm sure it was one of the drones that did it, I just wanted to ask everyone to be a little more observant. Thank you!

Ed, I stopped by the store today and picked up all the ingredients we'll need to bake an apple pie. You can come over anytime you're free and I'll teach you how to make one, okay? Anyone else is welcome to join, as well!

Blossom 6

[Private; hard to hack]
This is... terrible. How can Grady do this to everyone? If anything, he should only be punishing a few of us, not the entire town. I can't help feeling responsible. I should have stopped Simon and the others, I should have done something...!

I'm sorry.

Everyone, we have to be strong. It... it can't last much longer. We can get through this! I promise that after the food comes back, I'll make cakes and cookies for everyone. As many as you want. Just don't give up! I'm sure the stores will open again very soon.

Blossom 5 ~ Action post

[After making more soup for Simon, MOMO headed into the living room to check on him. When she saw that he was sleeping, she covered him with a blanket, then walked over to look at the Christmas tree once again.]

I wonder...

[Curiosity got the best of her, and she attempted to open one of the boxes. When the lid easily came off she blinked in surprise, then looked into the box. Seconds later, her terrified scream echoed through the room.]

Blossom 4 ~ Brainwash Post

Today is such a beautiful day! I'm so happy that we all live in Mayfield, the best town that there ever was!

Yesterday mommy taught me how to make brownies. I'm getting better at it, so if anyone wants me to bake them anything, just let me know! I'd be happy to!

I like the summer, but I kind of miss going to school, too! School is so much fun, and I get to see all my friends there! I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather in beautiful, perfect Mayfield!

((Yep, MOMO's been brainwashed, along with Simon and Kaito, for a whopping 48 hours. Anyone that has been keeping track should be a bit freaked out by this, since the longest brainwashing before lasted for a day, I believe?))